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OT Cyber Coalition Welcomes Armis as Newest Member

Washington, DC – Today, the Operational Technology Cybersecurity Coalition (OT Cyber Coalition) announced that Armis will join the diverse group of leading cybersecurity vendors in support of the organization’s effort to enhance the resiliency of the nation’s critical infrastructure. Armis is the 17th company to join the OT Cyber Coalition since its launch in April 2022.

“As we face an era of rapidly escalating cybersecurity threats, the need for a diverse range of interoperable, standards-based cybersecurity solutions has never been more critical,” said Andrew Howell, Executive Director of the OT Cyber Coalition. “The addition of Armis to the OT Cyber Coalition strengthens our resolve and capacity to improve the security of our nation’s most vital infrastructure. Together, we will continue to work with industry and government stakeholders to enhance the resilience of our nation’s critical infrastructure and build a future where our operational technology is robust and secure."

Armis, the asset intelligence cybersecurity company, protects and manages organizations' entire attack surface in real time. Armis secures critical infrastructure and manages cyber risk exposure for national governments, state and local entities and organizations all around the world. It is a privately held company, headquartered in California.

“Global cyber attacks on hospitals and critical infrastructure including manufacturing, oil and gas pipelines, government and state departments have been on the rise for over a decade and yet cyber processes to combat these attacks are still not adequately addressing the problem,” said Brian Gumbel, President of Armis. “We need to accelerate the progress achieved in our public policy to best address the cybersecurity issues that OT environments uniquely face and double down across public and private sectors to collaborate on ensuring critical infrastructure remains protected and secured against adversaries now and in the future.”

More information about the OT Cyber Coalition is available on the coalition’s website,


About the OT Cyber Coalition

The Operational Technology Cybersecurity Coalition is a diverse group of leading cybersecurity vendors dedicated to improving the cybersecurity of OT environments. Representing the entire OT lifecycle, the OT Cyber Coalition believes that the strongest, most effective approach to securing our nation’s critical infrastructure is one that is open, vendor-neutral, and allows for diverse solutions and information sharing without compromising cybersecurity defenses. For more information, visit


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