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Our Principles



Technologies should be based on open standards and promote innovation, while avoiding proprietary solutions that create vendor lock-in. Ultimately, no single solution can fully address the cybersecurity challenges industrial enterprises face, and the US Government must reinforce this tenet. This open standards and technology-neutral approach will encourage critical infrastructure owners and operators to choose the solutions that work best for them.

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Vendor-Neutral Cybersecurity Characteristics

The US Government should work with all sector risk management agencies to endorse a core set of cybersecurity characteristics of technologies that will improve the cybersecurity of the ICS/OT community. By ensuring they enable agreed-upon key objectives identified through the combined expertise and experience of industry, the US Government will maintain a posture of technology neutrality while also engaging with and incentivizing the development of a larger community of cybersecurity vendors who work every day to secure our nation’s critical infrastructure. 


Providing Industry Expertise

Representing the world’s leading ICS and OT cybersecurity vendors covering the entire OT lifecycle, our members help businesses of all sizes in every part of the economy secure the nation’s most critical infrastructure. By gathering the expertise of this community, the Coalition will provide governments and critical infrastructure owners and operators with industry expertise on standards, best practices, and the impact of policy on increasing the cybersecurity preparedness of critical infrastructure.


Addressing Feedback and Public Policy Proposals from Governments

Given the expertise that the Coalition’s members bring to bear, the Coalition will become a trusted advisor to policymakers seeking to enhance the cybersecurity readiness of critical infrastructure. The Coalition will provide feedback on proposals made while also advancing its own ideas, rooted in a standards-based, innovation promoting, competitive marketplace for ICS and OT cybersecurity solutions. 


Funding for Federal OT Cybersecurity

The US Government spends billions of dollars protecting the enterprise IT infrastructure in its many departments and agencies. The Coalition will advocate for funding for Federal Civilian agencies to implement OT cybersecurity measures, including, among other things, asset and device inventory. 

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